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Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to Do a Smokey Eye

Smokey eye makeup is both dramatic and sophisticated, and it’s a great way to highlight the eyes at parties and formal events. It's a favorite among celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Angelina Jolie, and it's quite common to see on models on the runway. With a few easy steps, almost anyone can create the red carpet look.

To create a smokey eye, you'll need to gather three shades of eyeshadow from a similar color. Common colors used include black, gray, brown and bronze. You'll also need eyeshadow primer, concealer, eyeshadow brushes, black liquid eyeliner, eyelash curler or fake eyelashes, mascara primer, mascara and a tissue. You should apply your eye makeup before your face makeup in case any shadow falls on the wrong places.

Prep the Eyes
Begin by washing your face. After, add eyeshadow primer to the eyelids, which will make eye makeup go on smoothly and last longer. Spread a dab of concealer to the upper and lower eyelids.

Apply the medium shade of eyeshadow over both lower eyelids up to the crease. Then, take the darkest shade of eyeshadow, and add it to both eye creases bringing the color down to the outer corners of the eyes. Finally, spread the lightest shade to the inner corners of the eyes and to the space between the crease and eyebrows. Using an eyeshadow fluffy brush, blend all of the colors thoroughly.

Eyeliner and Mascara
Applying eyeliner to the upper lashes will make the eyes look larger. Begin by drawing a tapered line from the inner pupil on the upper lash line out towards the end of the eyebrow for a cat eyeliner look. Next, curl your lashes, and apply mascara primer. Finally, add a few layers of mascara to the lower and upper lashes. Use a tissue to clean off any eyeshadow that fell onto your face.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

What is Obagi?

Listening to the latest trends in beauty products and one may wonder what is obagi? Obagi is a phenomenal range of skincare products that are designed to suit any type of skin at any age. Name the product and there is sure to be a fit with Obagi. Products include foaming gel, gentle cleansers, Nu-derm toner, Nu-derm exfoderm, Sunfader, and Blender. Sunblock and sun shield are other popular products, as well as hydrating products and eye cream. Obagi products are designed to deal with a various skin concerns, including:
Dull Skin
Fine lines and wrinkles
Oily skin
Dehydrated skin

Regardless of any concern dealing with the skin, Obagi has developed a revolutionary product to fit the bill and pamper the skin the way it was intended.

Obagi Transforms Skin
For anyone looking for a skin transformation, there is an Obagi product that can bring about the desired results. Visit http://www.endlessbeautycare.com/ to discover the realm of possibilities with Obagi. Whether it's simply a matter of preventing the signs of aging with first rate moisturizers and sunblock or it's time to reverse damage, Obagi is an effective way to treat any type of skin. Obagi is especially helpful in combatting the most common problems that people deal with, from wrinkling to sun damage. There is no way to stop the hands of time, but using Obagi on a daily basis is an excellent way of slowing time in its tracks and getting the most out of one's skin. With healthier skin, it is possible to have younger skin that maintains its elasticity and wonderful glow. Obagi and http://www.endlessbeautycare.com/ team up to provide the best in skincare for every age.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to Prepare My Skin For the Fall

Although the fall season is viewed as one of the most enjoyable times of the year, the changing weather can certainly impact the condition of a person’s skin. Here are some very important fall skincare tips.

Lip protection
Windy weather and cool outdoor temperatures can surely cause a person’s lips to become chapped. Products such as Dr. Hauschka’s Lip Care Stick are designed to provide a barrier of protection against the elements of nature. In order to be effective, lip balm needs to be used on a daily basis.

Switch to a heavier moisturizer
Lotion is great for use in the spring and summer. However, switching to a moisturizing cream will offer even better protection during the fall and winter. Avene Trixera Emollient Cream is a great option for the individuals who have sensitive skin. When choosing a face lotion for the fall, be sure that the ingredients are labeled as being “non-comedogenic”. This means that the moisturizer will not clog the skin pores.

Stay hydrated
A person needs to stay properly hydrated in order for their skin to look healthy. Even if the outdoor temperatures begin to approach freezing, the human body still needs to intake plenty of fresh water. After exercising or engaging in a physical activity, remember to consume a sports drink or a bottle of water.

Use sunscreen
Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen needs to be used throughout the year. UV rays are still present even on cloudy days, so sunscreen becomes a bare necessity at all times. Bliss Fabulous Everyday Face Lotion SPF 15 is an excellent example of a sunscreen that doubles as a facial moisturizer.

Autumn presents the perfect time for a person to exfoliate their skin. Exfoliating effectively removes the dead layers of skin on the face and body. If used a few times a week, skincare products such as Obagi360 Exfoliating Cleanser can improve the skin’s clarity and suppleness.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Skin Care Routine for When You're Sick

When you're sick, the last thing you need is to look in the mirror and be reminded of just how badly you feel. Your skin reflects your inner health, so when fighting a cold or flu or fighting a major health crisis, taking good care of your skin will help you look and feel better at the same time. Here are some tips for finding an effective Skin Care Routine for When You're Sick:

1. Be Gentle With Your Skin
When you're feeling better you can go back to using some stronger products (such as those containing acids or exfoliants,) but for the time being, you want to be extra gentle to your skin. Choose products that are intended for sensitive skin and are promoted as being gentle.

2. Use Natural Products
If your body is already fighting a sickness, it needs support to do its job. Choosing products that are all natural will help treat and heal any skin conditions that may arise.

3. Maintain Skin's Moisture
Sometimes a sickness will cause a person to become slightly dehydrated, thus affecting the moisture level of their skin. Keeping the skin moisturized will keep it feeling pampered and comfortable. Skin moisturizers can also do wonders for lips and noses that are chapped from cold or flu symptoms.

When you're sick you don't need to do a multiple step skin care routine. Simply stick to cleansing and moisturizing and you'll be ahead of the game. Devoting just a few minutes each day on a Skin Care can help lift your spirits and help you to start to heal and feel better. You will be more comfortable and better able to rest when you feel clean and cared for.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Top Fall 2014 Beauty Trends

Fall is always one of the most exciting times of year in the fashion world. Women can start wearing more clothing, which means that they have a chance to expand their wardrobes and looks. There are lots of exciting developments in the world of fashion this fall. Here is a look at the top fall 2014 beauty trends.

Smoky Eyes

On runways from Milan to Paris to New York City, smoky eyes have been all the rage so far this fall. The smoky look is perfect for the fall season. Make sure to color the eyes with this bold look to stand out in the crowd.

White Looks Right

For those who want to be at the forefront of the fashion scene this fall, they need to make sure to load up their closets with loads of white. Although white is traditionally thought of as a summer color, designers this year are expanding its use into fall. White is popular from head to toe, and some designers are even sending their models down the runway wearing exclusively white.

Silver and Gold

It seems that every couple of years the metallic colors make a comeback, and this fall is one of those times. One of the differences this time around is that silver and gold are more popular with makeup than clothes. Metallic colors are especially popular this fall for eye shadow and eyeliner.

Natural Hair

In contrast to the exotic metallic makeup that is in fashion right now, natural hair styling is all the rage this fall. One of the top fall 2014 fashion trends is natural hair. This look really stands out when it is used in conjunction with the metallic makeup look.

Braids Are Back

Childhood nostalgia never goes out of style, and the proof is evident on runways this fall. Braids are back in a big way, and designers have been making use of them on many of their top models on runways all over the world. Braids look really great when they are paired with natural makeup, giving an innocent look that adds a lot of youth.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Best Products for Dark Spots

Hyperpigmentation, or dark spots, can develop due to trauma to the skin, health issues,
adverse reaction to medications, sun exposure or pregnancy. However, discoloration of the skin can be treated using a dark spot corrector that uses the right ingredients without being harsh to the skin, such as Alpha Arbutin, Sepicalm-S and Resveratrol.

Alpha Arbutin- removes dark spots quickly and safely by blocking the effects of melanin on the skin and is a compound derived from organic materials.

Sepicalm-S:- This compound reduces scarring caused by acne and is one of the most powerful anti-pigment and anti-inflammatory compound agents on the market.

Resveratrol- Has been clinically shown to reduce 50 percent of melanin production and is another powerful melanin blocker used to correct dark spots.

The product's packaging should clearly state what kind of ingredients are in the dark spot corrector and be manufactured by a reputable company. Consumers who buy a more expensive dark spot corrector may not always have a high quality product. The best products for dark spots on the market should ideally be available at a good value that uses the most effective ingredients to correct the overproduction of melanin that are also safe to apply to the skin on a regular basis.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What Is Lip Cleanser?

For years, women have heard the same advice. "Take off your eye makeup at night!" experts have urged. They warn of possible infections, clogged pores, and a whole litany of ills that will befall the woman who does not heed the warning. The advice is good; it is a wonderful idea for women to make a habit of removing their makeup...all of their makeup.

Yet somehow, in the sea of warnings, these same experts forget to remind women to clean one of the most visible parts of their faces—the lips. Taking excellent care of the lips makes perfect sense, but for some reason this practice seems to have fallen by the wayside. This is unfortunate, because the lips are one of the first things that people notice about others when they speak. The eyes may be the window to the soul, but the lips are a window to the personality.

Fortunately, many women have started to wise up within the past year, integrating lip cleansers into their beauty regimen. Especially with all of the wonderful lipstick pigments on the market, and the resurgence of retro styles with deep pigments, lip cleanser has become even more imperative within the past few years.

Many of the products on the market excel at cleaning the lips, while simultaneously nourishing them with essential ingredients. These new products use soothing blends to lift out impurities, while leaving the lips clean and luscious. There are no harsh detergents or chemicals. Many of these cleansers use soothing ingredients such as shea butter, rice extracts, and cocoa butter to accomplish the job.

The point is to cleanse the lips, but also leave them healthy and refreshed. With so many environmental foes (sun damage, wind damage, harsh cosmetics), the lips already battle many challenges on a daily basis. Paying special attention to one's lips should take on the same precedence as all other aspects of a woman's skincare regime.