Saturday, February 11, 2017

SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Mask

Facial masks are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. Applying a mask is not only indulgent and relaxing but can also provide serious skin benefits such as reduced redness, decreased oil, clearer pores, and increased firmness depending on the type selected.

An excellent option to consider regularly incorporating into a beauty regimen is the Phyto Corrective Mask by Skinceuticals. This luxurious mask has been clinically proven to cool on contact to decrease redness, reduce discomfort, and lower heat experienced after cosmetic procedures such as:

Laser resurfacing
Photodynamic therapy
Intense pulsed light therapy

In addition to soothing and calming the skin after in-office procedures, the mask can also be applied to promote healing after the skin has been exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as high winds, chlorine or salt water, or exposure to UV rays.

This gentle mask can also be used as often as desired, even daily, such as after a workout to help cool and detox the skin. Its versatility allows it to be used as a leave-on mask, a rinse-off treatment, or as an indulgent overnight treatment.

SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque is packed full of concentrated botanical extracts and soothing ingredients designed to benefit skin, promote healing, and restore radiance. A few of the key ingredients featured in the mask include:

A specially formulated soothing dipeptide
Hyaluronic acid to provide intense hydration
Cucumber fruit extract
Grapefruit extract
Morus alba root extract
Thyme flower leaf extract
Olive leaf extract
Final Words

SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Mask is an excellent option to consider for anyone planning an upcoming in-office cosmetic procedure, anyone that spends a good deal of time outdoors exposed to the elements, or simply someone looking to pamper themselves and boost the health of their skin.

EBC Rewards

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

On-the-road glow with Obagi Nu-Derm Travel Set for Normal to Dry Skin

Traveling is fun and exciting but can be harsh on the skin. The harsh, dry airplane environment, all-too-tempting drink cart, increased sun exposure and interrupted sleep pattern can all contribute to skin appearing dry, flaky, and dull after just one day. In fact, a skin may be especially vulnerable to more constant problems like sun spots and fine lines during a sun-filled vacation. The Obagi Nu-Derm Travel Set for Normal to Dry Skin keeps on-the-road skin hydrated, exfoliated, healthy, glowing and protected. The 6-piece kit includes the same transformative skin care system as the regular-sized kit:

- The Gentle Cleanser removes makeup and dirt without drying, leaving even the most delicate, parched skin comfortable and clean.

- The Toner creates a balanced skin surface with mildly astringent witch hazel and calming aloe vera. Skin is now at the optimal pH level for penetration of the Obagi treatments.

- Clear, formulated with 4% hydroquinone, targets the superficial yet active melanocytes before they produce melanin. Existing dark spots fade quickly with daily use.

- Exfoderm combines six powerful yet gentle exfoliating acids that remove dead skin cells and increase cell turnover. Soothing glycerin and canola oil prevent dryness and redness and reveal glowing, dewy skin.

- The Blender targets dark spots and sun damage on a deeper level. Used nightly in conjunction with tretinoin, the lower epidermis is penetrated, melanin is targeted, and more resistant dark spots lighten.

- Healthy Skin Protection with SPF 35, an absolute must on even the shortest getaway, is designed to be used as part of the Nu-Derm system or on its own. Micronized zinc oxide and octanoate provide UV protection from 280-385 nanometers, the deepest level of skin protection currently available.

- The convenient zippered travel pouch makes the kit easy to store and pack.

- All bottles meet TSA size requirements for carry-on ease.

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Eye-Opening Benefits of the Clarisonic Sonic Infusion System

Caring for the skin around the eye can be tricky. It's often the most sensitive area of the face, and it may need special attention. If your eyes are afflicted with puffiness or ringed with dark circles, you may want to consider the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System. This excellent skin care product makes caring for the eye area a whole lot simpler.

What Is It?

It is a small sonic infusion device that gently infuses the skin with an anti-aging serum. It works by tapping the skin at a rate of 125 sonic movements per second, which maximizes the skin's ability to absorb potent wrinkle-fighting ingredients.

What Does It Do?

This system helps to restore damaged skin and prevent further signs of aging. By sending anti-aging ingredients straight into the outer layers of the skin, the eyes become more hydrated. Skin becomes more resilient. Over time, elasticity improves and fine lines diminish. The system may also reduce unwanted puffiness. After several weeks of continued use, most people notice that their eyes look younger and brighter.

What Is Included in the System?

The system comes with the Opal Sonic Infuser, the powerful little device that massages the skin 7,500 times in the space of a minute. Also included is a 1.7-ounce bottle of the Anti-Aging Sea Serum, which is specially formulated to hydrate the delicate skin around the eye. This serum The system also comes with two extra applicator tips and one charger.

How Do I Use the System?

To get the best results, users are advised to use it once a day for one minute. While it is designed to be used around the eyes, it can also be used on the lips, brow, and forehead. Users should also remember to change the applicator tip every 90 days.

If you want to improve the appearance of your eyes, the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System may be the answer. Because of its sonic movement technology, it maximizes the skin's absorption of ingredients. Tapping eye serums into the skin with your finger simply doesn't yield the same results. This system is the best way to truly smooth and hydrate the delicate skin around the eye.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector

What is the SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector?

The Advanced Pigment Corrector is designed to approve the appearance of uneven skin tone and stubborn discoloration. There are a variety of things that can cause skin discoloration. Hormonal shifts, sun exposure, and the natural aging process are some of the things that can contribute to skin discoloration. This product can be used by people of all ages. Not only does this product reduce discoloration, but it can also prevent the discoloration from returning.

This product has been recommended by many dermatologists. It also won the 2015 Allure Best of Beauty Award. It was named the best anti-aging product.

What can This Product Do?

Improve skin tone
Reduces the appearance of discoloration
Can be used for every skin type
Deliver a more radiant complexion

Ingredients in Advanced Pigment Corrector

Salicylic acid is one of the key ingredients in this product. It also helps remove dull and discolored cells. Additionally, salicylic acid acts as an exfoliant.

This product also has hydroxy phenoxy propionic acid. It helps reduce the appearance of dark spots. It also helps give one a evened skin tone. Ellagic acid is another one of the ingredients in the Advanced Pigment Corrector. It is a natural antioxidant that helps reduce discoloration.

How to Use the Advanced Pigment Corrector

You will need to use this product one or two times per day. You only need to use one or two pumps of this product. Consult with your physician if you have questions about how you should use the Advanced Pigment Corrector. For you to get the best results while using this product, you should limit your exposure to the sun. If you use a serum, then you will need to apply it before you use the Advanced Pigment Corrector.

SkinMedica GlyPro System: The Triple Knock-Out Punch For Perfect Skin

All women hope for optimal anti-aging results when they commit to a serious skin care program. The advanced beauty science used in many of today's skin care products can yield an amazing transformation, with a carefully chosen blend of powerful ingredients.

SkinMedica GlyPro System is one such beauty weapon in the war on wrinkles, rough texture and uneven skin tone. The famous brand is well-regarded in its pursuit of clinically tested formulas that yield good, youthful-looking changes in every individual's unique complexion needs.

The GlyPro System has achieved success through the incredible combination of three strong products that are used in a daily skin care regimen. This triple knockout punch will revive every skin type, even the most sensitive kind. Also, the line is recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for post skin care treatments.

The big players in the SkinMedica GlyPro System include GlyPro Exfoliating Facial Cleanser (177.4 mL / 6 Fl. Oz.), GlyPro Antioxidant Serum (29.6 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.) and GlyPro Renewal Cream (Net Wt. 56.7 g / 2 Oz.).

The GlyPro System contains formulas enhanced with alpha hydroxy acid glycolic and beta hydroxy acid salicylic, which are excellent at exfoliation. When the skin sheds these dead, dull skin cells at the top layer, pores unclog, skin breathes better, and collagen production is increased. All of these factors create a more luminous, bright and younger-looking complexion.

The GlyPro Exfoliating Facial Cleanser offers fantastic polishing action with superb scrubbing microbeads and polyphenols to help balance skin hydration. The added glycolic/salicylic acid duo creates the ideal, dead skin cell remover that leaves the complexion bright, clear and glowing.

The Glypro Antioxidant Serum is superior from other competitors, as it targets age spots and fine lines, working to diminish their appearance. The base contains aloe vera to soothe and soften the skin's texture and glycolic acid to exfoliate for a more youthful radiance.

The Glypro Renewal Cream is the third winner in the system's lineup. Infused with vitamins C and E and 20 percent glycolic acid all blend into the perfect cream that locks in moisture and boosts cellular rejuvenation.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Goodbye Mascara, Hello Flutter Lashes

Today woman is all lusting after those longer lashes. Mascara can sometimes do the trick, but when it comes to ensuring that your face is streak-free the best product to use is Flutter Lashes. They are mess-free eyelash extensions that have an incredible, natural look. With a huge variety of lengths and designs, there is a pair for every type of person. Whether you prefer a more subtle beauty or a bold and seductive one, there is a broad range of styles to satisfy every woman's cosmetic needs.

Eye contact is one of the most important forms of communication, so making sure those eyes look beautiful is essential to daily life. With Flutter Lashes, you can trust the eyes to do the talking. They come in a variety of volumes to match with any occasion. Subtle and light or dark and intense, they are brilliantly diverse lashes. Thin and wispy, thick and voluminous--there are several different design options.

Made with real hair and durable synthetic fibers, they are easily mistaken as real. One pair of lashes can hold up for several months, lasting as long as an entire bottle of mascara might last. Each lash is carefully hand-crafted to create an amazing symmetrical pattern. With natural-looking lashes, this is a great product for anyone wanting an authentic and classical appearance.

There is also no need to fear to spend a tiresome amount of time trying to put them on. Lightweight and comfortable, they are incredibly easy to apply. The eyelash band is ultra-thin and nearly invisible. With a simple strip of glue on the lash and a steady hand to set them along the eyelid, they will be attached and looking great in no time. In fact, it may be difficult to resist batting them consistently. Don't be shy--eyes are made for expressing. Let yours make a statement.